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The group has slowed down quite a bit over the last couple of months. Join the facebook group for more current updates and job listings
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Media Composer 8.1 released

Avid quietly released Media Composer 8.1 a few weeks ago. I just discovered it this week. There are a number of minor new features and improvements. Here's a link to the "What's New" document:

Here's a blog entry by Wim Van den Broeck on MC8.1 new features:

If you want some nostalgia, here's a link to the old MC 8.1 from 1999:


From Bill Dukes at MPT:

We have a senior level Avid On-line Editor position available at Maryland Public Television. This is a job for someone with experience in packaging for delivery to PBS/APT. A background in legalizing, color correction, multichannel audio and graphics rendering are as important to this job as creativity and great story telling skills. We are a Windows/Avid Symphony house using the Adobe Creative suite with Sapphire plug-ins and Deko graphics. We have a large Facilis shared storage, and work primarily on long format documentaries and also series programs for local air and PBS distribution. If qualified and interested, candidates should respond to the web link below. Thanks.











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